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During a maintenance of a sports bike in 2016, we realized that even an innocent-looking act such as washing and lubricating a bike can be quite harmful to our environment and harmful to ourselves. We wondered if it could be done naturally and organically without compromising on quality and price. This idea was the start of our ongoing search and development for unique, sustainable, safe, plant-based recipes and formulas. 

Airogroup works daily with passion and perfection on unique, natural, sustainable, clean and safe solutions for everyday consumer and business applications. From cleaners and maintenance products for the bicycle, car and agricultural vehicle, hygienic products for self-care, products for personal care and for household.  

By using the most modern techniques and the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of natural raw materials and ingredients, we are getting closer to our ultimate goal every day: Building a sustainable, clean and safe world using only natural and responsible products. So that we and all our future generations can continue to enjoy this world.




Sustainable, Quality, Innovative, Passion and Targeted are the core values and forces with which Airogroup, together with its partners, wants to work and build on the development of a clean, sustainable and safe circular bio-economy. In this, the future-proof solutions offer a unique, natural and sustainable proposition for every company and consumer.


Plant based

Airogroup specializes in developing natural, sustainable and safe formulas for everyday products. Our Research & Development Laboratory plays an important role in this development.



Limiting waste flows and ensuring a circular packaging flow. That is what we as Airogroup are committed to. By using recyclable PET and air-driven aerosols with 360C ease of use, we bring these objectives within reach.


CO2 neutral

At Airogroup we work on CO2 neutral production of all our formulas. We do this, for example, by using local raw materials, a gas-free production facility and powered production by air and green electricity.


Hazard label free

Danger labels, we see them on so many products that they have become almost normal. Airogroup works daily on the development of safe hazard label free formulations. Safer for you, but also for storage and transport.