Tom Timmermans chooses Airolube!

Tom Timmermans, Belgian road cycling champion, was the favorite among elites without a contract for the Belgian championship in 2021. He captured the national jersey and still enjoys this victory every day. In this article Tom tells more about his passion for cycling and his choice for Airolube.

A passion for cycling from an early age

Tom started cycling just about as soon as he could walk. “My grandfather, father and mother have raced and follow cycling closely with great passion. I took over their passion at a young age and decided when I was ten to start racing all over the country. I was at competitions every weekend and that hasn't changed to this day."

 He has been cycling with Team Van Eyck for most of his career and he does so with great pleasure. “I have been cycling with Van Eyck for eight years now and I am very pleased with this team. We challenge each other in a good way, have a lot of fun and empathize with each other. We are a close-knit team that grants each other the victories and of course celebrates together! said Tom.

A win to remember

Eén van die zeges vond plaats op 22 augustus 2021. Tom pakte toen de zege op het Belgisch Kampioenschap wegwielrennen in Bertem na een spannende koers. In de eerste honderd kilometer waren er namelijk veel ontsnappingen met grote namen die voor vuurwerk zorgden, maar ongeveer tien kilometer voor de finish werd het pas echt menens. Tom pakte zijn kans en met succes. Hij noemt het zonder twijfel de mooiste dag uit zijn carrière. Sindsdien rijdt hij zo veel mogelijk in de Tricolore trui. “It was a great win and a day I will never forget. A lot of people saw me as one of the favorites for the jersey and the whole team gave me the win. I have reached the highest level as an elite without a contract and riding in that colored jersey is an amazing experience. I try to wear the jersey as much as possible during training sessions and ride as many races as possible in the black-yellow-red jersey.”

I was given a number of Airolube products to try out and
they immediately fell in love.

Natural and effective products

After his victory, Tom received a nice tour from one of the sponsors and an Airolube package to try. “DEWO Europe is one of the sponsors of our team and after winning the championship they invited me to take a tour of their company. I was given a number of Airolube products to try out and they immediately fell in love. Not only with me, but also with my father who does most of the maintenance on my bike. We regularly take the Airolube Super Wash, Super Degreaser and the Chain Wax out of the closet for cleaning and lubricating the bicycle. Especially in the times we live in now, we are all aware that we have to make sustainable choices. How nice is it if you can use a product that is natural and effective.

Plans for the coming period

At the end of the interview we asked Tom what his plans are for the future. He says: “There will be many great races in the coming months and the Tour of Flemish Brabant in particular is one to look forward to. My goal for the coming period is to fully enjoy the jersey and of course to take as many victories as possible.”

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