First Airolube MTB Summer Cup a success!
Corona provides a positive impulse for northern mountain bike competitions

Hundreds of mountain bikers came from all over the Netherlands to the north of the Netherlands. There the KNWU North organized the Airolube MTB Summer Cup, the northern mountain bike competition. A success, as it turns out after the seven games. This year, despite, perhaps even thanks to Corona, a record number of participants stood at the starting line.

A perfect timing
The organization initially assumed a series of training competitions for northern mountain bikers. 

This changed on the eve of the first game. Just before the start, the organization was rewarded with the Corona relaxation. The Airolube MTB Summer Cup competitions were suddenly the only ones on the calendar.

From all over the Netherlands
Suddenly, during the first race in Dalen, there were more than 200 participants at the start. A unique moment for the usually regional competition. 

“We saw registrations from Oldenzaal, Alkmaar and Apeldoorn. There were even people from Brabant who came to Dalen to participate," said Ottema of KNWU Noord 

“That was completely new for us. Of course they were very welcome.” 

According to Ottema, the reason for the massive participation is obvious. “Normally the calendar is filled with matches. From international competitions to youth competitions. This year the calendar was almost empty. Everyone wanted to race. Moving the national championships to September also helped us.”

Airolube and the summer cup
Since this year, Airolube has been the new namesake of the Northern mountain bike competition, a logical combination, explains Jorrit Pepping of Airolube. “Airolube is a Northern brand that makes natural and vegetable lubricants and cleaning products for the bicycle. 

We source the ingredients for these products for the most part from the immediate vicinity. For example, we use rapeseed from Zuidwolde and we use residual products from the sugar factory in Groningen. 

Contributing to the regional off-road competition for a brand that makes maintenance products is a logical step.”

Pepping is also very pleased with the performance of the past competition. “I would like to thank the seven organizers and the KNWU North for all their efforts. They have made it possible for more than 350 mountain bikers from all over the Netherlands to ride a race and that in a challenging time. As Airolube we would also like to thank all volunteers and participants. Through their contribution, they have made the Airolube MTB Summer Cup possible together.”


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