Airolube continues to grow

What can happen in nine months and what can we experience in nine months. It is September 2019 when we launch our first products. To years of preparation; invent, develop, develop. It was the first milestone in a series of many.

New settlement

On 1 February 2020 we moved to our new location. Here we have a high-tech laboratory from where we work daily on innovative and products. In addition, we have been able to increase production capacity at this location, enabling us to produce faster, more efficiently and cleaner. We now make and sell even more products for lubricating, cleaning and maintaining your bike, car or agricultural machine. Even for domestic or industrial use. For example, do you have our Demi Water already discovered?? 

New website

Along with all this innovation, a new website will also be launched. You may have noticed this if you have found Airolube before. We hope to further increase the service by introducing our new website. In addition, we assume that you experience more ease of use with this website. This way we can help you find the right products more easily. If you still can't figure it out, we are happy to help you. This has not changed in the past nine months.

We are ready for the future with all Airolube developments and we hope that we can take you on our path. Take a look at our products by clicking here.

Let’s take care of your bike!
In deze blog en video laten we in samenwerking met TalentNED zien hoe jij jouw fiets kunt onderhouden.