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About us                                                                                                      

Airogroup is a producer of innovative and sustainable lipid products with a high added value that help you to operate successfully in your sector. The packaging we use is propellant-free, air-driven, user-friendly and safe. Our products help with food, care, cleaning, lubrication, protection, maintenance and connection for the business and private market.

Airogroup wants to contribute to a safe and sustainable development by applying locally - European produced, natural and biodegradable raw materials.

Our high-tech facility in Stadskanaal (Groningen, The Netherlands) has its own research & development laboratory with a constant focus on sustainable innovations. We use the latest technologies and processes so that our customers can rely on the durability, quality, functionality and safety of our products.

Sustainability • Quality • Loyal • Passion • Safe are our core values ​​and strengths with which Airogroup wants to work with its partners and build on the development of a clean, sustainable and safe circular bio-economy.


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You will experience the greatest adventures by bicycle. Together you go on the road, nothing of anybody intervenes. Airolube products help with cleaning, lubrication, protection and maintenance of your bicycle. Love your bike!


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Maximum performance comes from good maintenance. Airolube products help you with this. With cleaning, lubrication, protection and maintenance of your car. So that you can enjoy top performances. Take care of your car!


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Hard work in harsh conditions without worrying about your equipment. The Airolube products help with cleaning, lubrication, protection and maintenance of your machines. Defeat dirty!


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